African Aquarium in Tyler

In the African Aquarium you can enjoy penguins (they look like they’re in tuxedos, it’s great), fish, tortoises, weavers, turacos, plovers, and African gray parrots. In the North American Herpetarium you can enjoy looking at tarantulas (what I mean by “enjoy” is stomach looking at them with queasy curiosity because spiders are scary when they’re that big and furry), turtles, snakes, lizards, and frogs. Finally in the Wild Bird Walkabout you can enter a room filled with six hundred of the prettiest birds you have ever seen. You can even feed the for just a dollar.

If you are like me, you didn’t recognize half the names of the animals such as plovers, kudus, and coatis. All the more reason to go out and educate yourself.

Have fun when you visit the aquarium!


Places to visit at the Caldwell Zoo

The African Savanna section is home to zebras, giraffes, kudus, warthogs, impalas, gazelles, and ostriches that live in the African Savanna-like grasslands of Tyler. You can also see lions in their habitat, as well as cheetahs and elephants. Meerkats and even penguins also can be found here.

The next section is North America. The North American section is filled with animal you are probably familiar with if you live in the United States. In the plains you can find white tailed deer, bison, Texas longhorns, and turkeys. In the pond, you can find waterfowl, cranes, and turtles. Also housed in the North American section you will find river otters, foxes, bald eagles, coatis, mountain lions, ocelots, and bobcats.

There are alligators, black bears, and seriously endangered prairie chickens. While not from North America, two white Asian reside in the North America section. Their names are Willie King and Meka, they are brother and sister, and they are one of the main highlights of the zoo.

After walking through North America, you can visit our southern neighbor’s animals from South America. Here lives the squirrel monkeys who play in the tree branches. The roseate spoonbills, swans, and crested screamers live on the pond. Of course, you will love the flamingos, as well as the anteaters, the golden lion tamarins and many other animals on site.

Caldwell Zoo in Tyler

Tyler, Texas is home to the Caldwell Zoo, an eighty-five acre area filled with habitats and exhibits of your favorite animals. Its address is 2203 Martin Luther King Boulevard Tyler, Texas 75702. It’s almost nine dollars for children ages 3 to 12, and thirteen dollars for adults. If you are a senior (age 55 and up) it is eleven dollars, and babies under the age of three get in free. Special discounts are available for groups of fifteen people or more. Parking is free. Outside food and drink are only allowed in designated picnic areas located just outside the park. Food can be purchased inside the zoo.

From March to Labor Day, zoo hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (exhibits close at 6:00 PM). After Labor Day, zoo hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (exhibits close at 4:30 PM. You can rent strollers and wagons for six dollars plus tax (a total of six dollars and fifty cents) and wheelchairs for six dollars and seventy-nine cents plus tax (a total of seven dollars and thirty-five cents). Photo ID’s are required for rentals.

85 Acre Zoo

Tyler, Texas’s Caldwell Zoo is divided into six sections, all fascinating and fun. There is the African Savanna, North America, South America, the African Aquarium, the North American Herpetarium, and the Wild Bird Walkabout. With this many sections, and over three thousand four hundred animal, it is no wonder the Caldwell Zoo takes us eighty-five acres!

Little Kids can play in Tyler Texas

Need to get the littles one’s energy out?

Take them to iJump-a giant trampoline park. They will be able to get some great exercise in here, jumping on trampoline squares, playing trampoline basketball, flipping down their tumbling track, playing dodge ball, or if they are brave enough, tackling the ninja course. This venue offers hours of fun, an iCafe, and private rooms for birthday parties. They even sell t-shirts here. This place is pretty much awesome.

There’s even more to do here, but these are a few of my favorite spots for kids entertainment in Tyler.

You are sure to keep the kiddos busy for days with this fun. Go play!

Have fun with your kids in Tyler Texas

One of my favorite things to do as a child was go to Chuck E. Cheese.

If you haven’t taken them yet, I recommend you do so soon. They will have a blast! Buy your kiddos tokens to play games around the giant arcade, and let them play skee ball, ride little rides, eat pizza, win prizes, and run around until their little hearts are content. This is great fun, safe, and their pizza is pretty darn good.

Waterpark at the Villages is another fun activity for the kids to do. You can do this year round, too! The indoor waterpark is climate controlled with a roof that is retractable, meaning fun every season of the year! Winter, spring, summer, or fall you can enjoy this 19,000 square foot park with your little ones while you enjoy several of its features.

There is a lazy river and tubes to float through. Four slides are available-two are tube slides, two are open slides, all are fun! There is a wet playground for the really little kids to slide down slides and climb up stairs topped with a giant bucket that spills several hundred gallons of water when tipped over. There is also a gentle wave pool so you can get into your tube and float on the ocean without the dangerous sharks that go with it.

Activities for Kids in Tyler TX

Tyler, Texas is a great place to entertain your kids for a day if you want. Whether for a birthday, a reward for a good report card, or just to spend quality time with them, there is no lack of fun in Tyler, Texas.

The Caldwell Zoo is an excellent choice for fun in Tyler. With over eighty five acres, you will easily be able to fill up a whole day of not only fun, but also good education about the animals around the world. There are six sections, mainly focusing on North America, South America, and Africa. You will be able to show your kids all of their favorite animals like lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my!).

There are over three thousand animals there (three thousand four hundred to be exact) to enrapture your children. With picnic tables located just outside the park, you can have lunch before you go in (or enjoy a meal at their new cafe that overlooks the African Savanna section), and then enjoy a day studying animals.