Have fun with your kids in Tyler Texas

One of my favorite things to do as a child was go to Chuck E. Cheese.

If you haven’t taken them yet, I recommend you do so soon. They will have a blast! Buy your kiddos tokens to play games around the giant arcade, and let them play skee ball, ride little rides, eat pizza, win prizes, and run around until their little hearts are content. This is great fun, safe, and their pizza is pretty darn good.

Waterpark at the Villages is another fun activity for the kids to do. You can do this year round, too! The indoor waterpark is climate controlled with a roof that is retractable, meaning fun every season of the year! Winter, spring, summer, or fall you can enjoy this 19,000 square foot park with your little ones while you enjoy several of its features.

There is a lazy river and tubes to float through. Four slides are available-two are tube slides, two are open slides, all are fun! There is a wet playground for the really little kids to slide down slides and climb up stairs topped with a giant bucket that spills several hundred gallons of water when tipped over. There is also a gentle wave pool so you can get into your tube and float on the ocean without the dangerous sharks that go with it.



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