Places to visit at the Caldwell Zoo

The African Savanna section is home to zebras, giraffes, kudus, warthogs, impalas, gazelles, and ostriches that live in the African Savanna-like grasslands of Tyler. You can also see lions in their habitat, as well as cheetahs and elephants. Meerkats and even penguins also can be found here.

The next section is North America. The North American section is filled with animal you are probably familiar with if you live in the United States. In the plains you can find white tailed deer, bison, Texas longhorns, and turkeys. In the pond, you can find waterfowl, cranes, and turtles. Also housed in the North American section you will find river otters, foxes, bald eagles, coatis, mountain lions, ocelots, and bobcats.

There are alligators, black bears, and seriously endangered prairie chickens. While not from North America, two white Asian reside in the North America section. Their names are Willie King and Meka, they are brother and sister, and they are one of the main highlights of the zoo.

After walking through North America, you can visit our southern neighbor’s animals from South America. Here lives the squirrel monkeys who play in the tree branches. The roseate spoonbills, swans, and crested screamers live on the pond. Of course, you will love the flamingos, as well as the anteaters, the golden lion tamarins and many other animals on site.


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