One of Texas’ great treasures is the city of Tyler.

When my family would want a change of scenery, it was common for my family and I to pack in the car and take a trip to Tyler, Texas. While it is not out in the middle of nowhere, it is still much more quiet than the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Several activities there include outdoorsy options, shopping, restaurants, theaters, resorts and hotels, and much more to enjoy.

One place to visit is at TJC (Tyler Junior College). Here you can find the Tyler Planetarium. Take a journey to the stars without ever leaving the comfort of solid earth. At one point, most children wanted to be an astronaut, making it a fantastic (and educational!) activity for children.

Tyler, Texas is famous for their Rose Garden. The city has been crowned the Rose Capital of America. Voted in the top ten most inspiring gardens in the nation by Livability, Tyler owns fourteen acres of breathtaking roses. This garden has over thirty-eight thousand rose bushes, six hundred species of rose, and is adorned with beautiful pavements, creeks, and fountains.

Once a year, Tyler holds the Texas Rose Festival, to celebrate its gorgeous rose garden. The biggest festival of the year in Tyler, every October I suggest visiting Tyler for the weekend. The event is kicked off with yearly ribbon cutting and a prayer service. Starting officially on Thursday, there is much more to enjoy after the beginning ceremonies. The rose queen is crowned, there are luncheons for men and women, crafts, and rose tours. If you go to Tyler, Texas any weekend, you should visit it the weekend of the Rose Festival.